The 5-Step Strategy Any Product Manager Can Use to Fast-Track Into Product Leadership and Love Their Job...

(even if they've been stuck in the same position for years!)

  • The 5 steps our product management clients use to fast-track their career, earn a seat at the leadership table, and finally garner the salary they deserve, even if they've been stuck in the same position for YEARS.

  • Why ‘working harder,’ or clocking 60+ hours a week, is the WORST way to get noticed, respected, and earn that spot in the product management inner circle ... And the much simpler, less stressful way my clients transform their careers.

  • The REAL reason so many product managers languish in the same role for years ... And the secrets smart product managers use to capture that elusive promotion.

  • How product managers end the day excited about the awesome work they did, ready to be present for their families, and then sleep without anxiety or panic.

  • What product managers are doing to drive product strategy, get called on for advice by senior leaders, and earn the pay and position they deserve.

  • And, how product managers do ALL this, even if they have never had senior leadership exposure. 

Lynne Levy

Lynne is a Northwestern University educated, former Product Management Senior Leader, and Product Management Coach. She has helped clients love what they do and move into leadership positions at major organizations across the world. 

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